Guides is our section for 10-14-year olds. You’ll never be stuck for something to do in Guides. Whether you want to dedicate your time to exploring the outdoors, really focus on your hobbies, or challenge yourself with something new, you’ll find something at Guides that suits you.

You can work towards interest badges including, photography, geocaching, human rights and more, develop life skills with skills builders and work hard to earn unique awards like the Commonwealth award, the Guide Gold award and the six theme awards, which will really help you at school and later in life.

You and the girls in your group will decide together what to do in your meetings, choosing from the wide range of badges, skills and activities covered by our six programme themes. So whether you want to try a new sport, have a go at performing, run a debate or brush up on your first aid skills – you can.

If there’s an issue you really care about, Guides is a chance to make a difference. You’ll be encouraged to speak out about what matters to you and to do something about it.

Explore everything you love about Guides. Whether that’s badges, awesome activities or festivals and gigs just for you. Get the inside scoop from other Guides on the things they love doing, choose your own next challenge and find activities to try at home or with your patrol. What you do is up to you.

When a Guide nears the end of her time at Guides she can go onto Rangers which is our section for girls aged 14-18.

Visit the official Guides website and register your interest today!