Training Info

North Yorkshire South provides support and advice for all new and established leaders through a wide variety of trainings both within and outside our County.

North Yorkshire South provides training opportunities for you:
- On a wide variety of themes
- At different times of the year
- In both evenings and during the day
- In small and larger groups
- Locally and countywide
These are all advertised on our NYS Training Calendar which every guider receives annual in September each year.
Other training opportunities are available at region level from time to time.
Residential trainings are provided at the Girlguiding UK training and activity centres (known as TACs); these are located around the British Isles and provide all girls and leaders the opportunity to go and stay, join in activities and receive training on a wide variety of subjects.  Details of the centres and their programmes can be found in Guiding magazine or on the Girlguiding UK website.

Leadership Qualification
If you are over 18 and working on a regular basis with a Unit, why not develop that commitment and those skills and enthusiasm further by working through the Leadership qualification?.   If you are over 65 we still value your input, as an assistant Guider or a Unit Helper.
The hands-on syllabus is divided into 3 Modules, which look at the programme, the Promise and wider guiding, and Safety/Administration etc. The 4th Module is essentially for those who are actually leading the Unit.
Whilst completing the qualification, you will have the support of other unit leaders, your District Commissioner and a Mentor.
You will be asked to complete a file of your development and knowledge gained from trainings and your Unit activities. The finished file is verified, and then you have arrived at the last steps! You will receive a certificate to acknowledge the fact you have completed the Qualification, and at the same time your District Commissioner will apply for your warrant. A Leaders warrant is valid until you are 65, but as assistant leaders it is valid for life. You will also receive an Appointment Card, which appoints you specifically to the Unit you will be working with at any given time.
The Leadership Qualification opens the doors to years of fun, friendship, challenge, and the satisfaction of not only helping children and young people to become responsible and valued members of society, but of enabling you yourself to have opportunities you might never have imagined, both on a personal level, in the workplace and in the wider community. You will be invited to join a Leadership evening, with your Mentor, where you can review progress with informative and fun activities.

Who are these evenings for?

Any Leader who has started, or is about to start the Leadership qualification.  
Any Leader who is, or would like to be a mentor for new Leaders. 
Any Leader with her Mentor.

Why should you attend?

It’s fun. 
You’ll learn something
. Your questions will be answered
. You’ll meet other people going through the same process.

What is it all about?

A chance to chat with groups of other new Leaders and or Mentors. 
An opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis with a Mentor. 
A chance to look at and complete at least one part of the Qualification
Time and opportunity to read/look at guiding publications.

What does it cost?

No money, just your time (around 2 hours)