Guides get an international taste at Poacher.

We decided to go to Poacher as we wanted our girls to experience a ‘big camp’. As a unit that only opened 4 years ago, we have only ever been on smaller camps, such as our own unit, weekend camp and more recently our County Camp as a taster of an adventurous, larger camp. 2 of our Leaders had been to Poacher previously, as Guides, and were excited to offer the opportunity to today’s girls in our unit. We found out about Poacher by looking at the website and we knew that this camp is every 4 years.
¬†The Leaders took care of all catering arrangements and the Guides tried out a range of activities and met new friends each day. It was fantastic to see scouting and guiding working together on such a large scale and supporting all groups who were there. The girls and Leaders particularly enjoyed the closing ceremony and Diversity’s performance! The girls asked us on the coach home “When is the next big camp?” and are so excited that they may be able to go again. The girls gained a huge amount of independence as they went off to their own activities, scheduled their own days and made their own unique friendships. Our youngest Guide, Amber, loved the trapeze and water slide. Everyone was impressed with the number of different Countries there (25!!) and really got a great sense of how guiding and scouting are truly global. It felt like we really were part of a huge family, offering amazing opportunities to the young people who were there, making memories that will last a lifetime.
If you’re thinking of attending an international jamboree, go for it! Be positive. We stayed fairly¬†local for our first one, as it was only an hour and a half on a coach for us and the girls to get there, which helped us. Keep looking out for the regular jamborees that happen, as well as new, big camps! You never know what you might end up doing unless you give it a go and see what happens.
50th York (Heworth) Guides