Trefoil Guild

We welcome everyone aged 18 and over to find friendship, get involved, give support and get active. 

Trefoil Guild is for everyone aged 18 and over. We are a place to find friendship, to get involved in new challenges, or get active in your community. We are a place to give support and find comfort. We have a network of members across the UK.

The aim and objectives of the Trefoil Guild are:

  • to give practical, financial and moral support to Girlguiding and Scouting
  • to keep alive among members the spirit of the guide and scout promises and laws
  • to carry that spirit into the communities in which members live and work

The 3 Trefoil Guilds in North Yorkshire South have been busy making bags for scrubs, teddies for premature babies, twiddle muffs for dementia patients and hats for the homeless. We’ve also enjoyed meeting for walks, outings, garden parties and had discussions at book clubs.


Selby Guild

Trefoil is part of the Girlguiding family, and we aim to support them and help others by carrying the spirit of Girlguiding into our communities. We ask our members to agree to this when they join us. Many members support Girlguiding directly by assisting or leading units, and others give support in different ways.

 Offering opportunities is a key part of Trefoil. So when you meet with your Trefoil Guild you can find like-minded friends to share your adventures and challenges with. The great part is that you have the choice to get involved with what works best for you.

Within our county, there are currently 3 Guilds:
  • Priory (within Priory division)
  • Selby (within Abbey division)
  • York City (within Tower division)

We have around 80 Trefoil Members in our county and we are ready to welcome you too!

Find out more through the button below, or you can be put in touch with your local guild by contacting Myra Puckrin, Trefoil Guild chair, at