Give your unit accounts a boost each year by submitting a gift aid claim for subs paid

Gift Aid is a government scheme to encourage giving to charities like us. It means that Girlguiding subscriptions are eligible for tax relief.

All Girlguiding units are eligible to claim back the tax that donors (usually parents) have paid. 

Setting up the scheme does involve some work, but much of this is a one-off exercise. Leaders can ask someone else to help with the administration though the leader does have to be named as the responsible person with HMRC.

There is a useful step by step guide to registering at

Once registered units can claim the Gift Aid at appropriate intervals (often once a year) by completing a claim online and the funds will be paid directly into the unit bank account. 

For further local help and advice in getting started or making the first claim the county treasurer can help you

Claims can be backdated up to four years so even if your numbers dropped during the pandemic, you can still claim back to 2019 so what are you waiting for?!