By Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Rangers leaders 

We regularly hold ‘air and share’ sessions where leaders come together to discuss activities their units have enjoyed, new ideas, trips and promoting Girlguiding. Below you’ll find valuable input from these sessions which all unit leaders may find interesting.

Which activities have you enjoyed recently?


Singing with sign language




Crafts (using glitter!)



Which activities have you enjoyed recently?

  • University of York Scout and Guide Society have run some events in nearby units in Tang Hall, Heworth and Fulford

Can you share some new ideas?

  • Hold summer activities that make the use of the outdoors for meetings, badges, walks and UMAs
  • New starter forms can be used both electronically and on paper

What trips do you recommend?

  • Sleepovers at interesting places like Beamish, Magna and Eureka
  • Forbidden Corner
  • Sundown Adventure

Role reversal night – let the sixers/seconds run the session and the leaders act like Brownies!

Guides & Rangers

Adapting the programme

Girls choose the programme activities to follow

Flextangles – useful for introducing promise activities into the programme

Birdfeeders for the ‘Upcycling’ badge

Can you share some new ideas?


Explore challenge badges

Use Facebook groups for a range of activities

Try patrols

Invite a circus skills visitor

Hold a ‘skipping school’


For “Guiding in a Bubble” UMA, use really cheap paper plates and wet them first, then use plastic straws and you should be able to get multiple bubbles!

York and Hull medical students will come and run a Teddy Bear Hospital evening in your unit. Just email

Plan to hold a skills builder catch up night once a term, if you don’t need it you can run a games night or go for a walk instead!

Invite parents or other volunteers to your unit to talk about their jobs for the ‘Jobs’ interest badge. You could also ask them to write a job description for a leader!

Guides & Rangers

Reintroduce traditional activities alongside the programme, such as sausage sizzles, night hikes and sunrise walks for events!

What trips do you recommend?


Web Adventure

Askham Bryan

Beetle Bank

Your local fire station

Williams Den


York University Astro Campus

Chemistry night with the York University Chemistry Outreach team

York Wizard Walk

Askham Bryan

Holgate Windmill

Cold War Bunker

Guides & Rangers

Wellie and Wristbands

York University Astro Campus

Please see the events and newsletter pages for details of our next Air & Share sessions!