Brownies (7-10) are curious, courageous, energetic and excitable!

Brownies welcomes 7 to 10 years olds for non-stop fun, learning and adventure.

I had never climbed before. I was scared of heights. But I climbed and rang the bell all by myself and felt really proud of myself.

Poonam, aged 10

It’s full of firsts: she might grow her first plant, cook her first cake, put up (and take down) her first tent, light her first fire, go on her first fun-packed weekend away with guiding friends. With a helpful hand from our encouraging volunteers, she’ll explore her creative side, get out into the great outdoors, and start learning to look after herself, others and the world we live in.

She can build her own Brownie adventure – she might just want to have fun with her friends; she might like to work towards the many badges and awards we offer. She can have a go at all sorts of things: from making a robot to exploring mindfulness to putting on a magic show.

There’s something for every girl at Brownies, and plenty of moments she’ll never forget.