Enable your girls to learn important topics in a fun and accessible way, delivered by fellow young members!

Peer educators are 14-25 year olds who help Brownies, Guides and Rangers explore important topics and use their own life experiences to bring important subjects to life and enable open and honest discussions.

It works incredibly well because girls are eager to listen to their peers who share similar life experiences. Peer educators are fully trained to run fun, safe and challenging sessions which were developed with the input of expert partners and young people in Girlguiding.

There are three topics that you can choose from. Click the drop down options to find out more about each one!

Think resilient

Give girls the tools to build their mental wellbeing and resilience. This module was developed with YoungMinds (a mental health charity).

Breaking free

This module gives girls the tools to challenge any stereotype (especially gender stereotypes). This was developed with expert academics, CEOs and charities.

Safe the world

This module helps members understand, identify and make a stand against unsafe behaviour. This was developed with charity experts and police officers.

What does it involve?

The peer educator comes prepared to run the whole meeting, taking some of the pressure off you – although you’ll still be the leader in charge and responsible for supporting the session and potentially travel expenses and arrangements for the peer educator, and providing basic resources such as pens and paper.

The session is packed with fun activities, so your girls will have a great time as well as learn something from their peers, and will learn lots of new skills passively!

What happens after the session? Does it count towards the programme?

Depending on the topic, you’ll have some activities to continue exploring the subject with your unit after the session to fully complete the session and earn your badge! (This isn’t needed for Safe the World)

Your peer educator will email everything you need for the following session, as well as details of how to buy the badges.

Everyone who participates in a peer education session gets unit meeting activity minutes towards their theme awards! Brownies get 60 minutes, whilst Guide and Rangers get 90 minutes.

Think Resilient links with the “Be Well” theme, whilst Breaking Free and Safe the World links with the “Take Action” theme – which can all be recorded on GO!

Sounds amazing! How do I book?

Simply email, copying in, detailing your unit meeting details, which module you are interested in and as much detail as possible about the girls in your unit!